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Mission: to unlock and heal the past so that you can move forward now with new perspective and energy.

Divinely connected, Lisa and Ken powerfully activate healing to bring about transformation.

Lisa Karasek and Ken Shepardson : LiKe Energy Healing

LiKe Energy Healing Services with Ken Shepardson

Lisa and Ken, aka LiKe Energy Healing,  are the ultimate twin flame & husband and wife team, working together to bring you a unique experience. 

Lisa recognized her gifts for communication with, and the healing of souls at a very young age. Lisa was divinely called to step into the role of Light worker after a life changing experience. Her natural abilities as a multi-dimensional healer revealed themselves as she began working with her mentor and attended classes to develop her gifts and skills. Lisa obtained her certification in Holistic Metamorphosis™️, an angelic energy healing modality that creates deep transformation throughout all levels of being to speed up and assist in the transformation process. Lisa is also a four time #1 best selling author on Amazon, a TRE® Certified Facilitator, and Certified Eating Psychology Coach.

Knowing that there was more to her purpose, Lisa consciously began working to wake up her twin a few years ago. Ken had his tower moment in 2020 and decided to change everything about his life, leaving his 26 year career in automation and sold his home. With the utmost of confidence that this was their destiny, he left Florida behind and drove over a thousand miles to connect with Lisa in Maryland. They began to drive across the country knowing Spirit would lead them to where they need to be. 

Ken also works with angels and archangels, higher masters, and multiple galactic counsels. As a team, they provide insight and pertinent knowledge for your healing experience. Through clairaudience, Ken relays information about your past lives and the origins of stuck energies. Ken is a strong empath and is able to pull out energies to be healed or entities to be cleared.

As Lisa and Ken work together, new skills consistently come online for them. As expert energy healers, Lisa and Ken are able to update your state of being to assist in healing. They are dedicated and passionate about helping you work with the dynamics of your self relationship, and powerfully guide you to a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life. As psychic surgeons they both believe this is the key to most Mind Body Spirit disease and illness.

What we offer

  • Quantum Healing sessions           
  • Group Healing and Channeled Messages events
  • Intuition Development classes

Lisa and Ken offer healing packages, and memberships for services plus group events and classes. 

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