The accumulative affect is at work, but there is a reference point for self care

We are all, always, being subjected to some kind of upset – some more severe, some more pertaining than others. 

There are 2 distinct definitions for trauma as a noun that can be found from a dictionary source:
1. a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. An emotional shock following a stressful event or physical injury. 
Synonyms: disturbance. disorder. jolt. ordeal. trial. trouble. worry. anxiety. burden. adversity. hardship. 
And the associations of these may lead to: shock. upheaval. distress. stress. strain. pain. anguish. upset. suffering. agony. misery. sorrow. grief. heartache. heart break.  
2. (medical) any injury, damage, hurt, wound, sore, bruise, cut, laceration, lesion, abrasion, or contusion.

Think about your day. What have you experienced today? 
Can you reference a recent time when you experienced any of these? 

The accumulative affect is at work. So even though today may only feel slightly stressful, and may only have a few distressing occurrences – in time, these add up. 

Then there are shared traumas – among family members, classmates, neighbors, friends, strangers. 
There is local trauma, and specific trauma. Religious trauma and Historical trauma. Cultural trauma, Gender trauma, Ethnic trauma, and Environmental trauma. There is human trauma, and there is soul trauma. 

Yes, we are resilient. We are becoming normalized to it. We are also fighting it. 
No matter the trigger or hook, no matter the degree of devastation or not – we are subjected. Whether we claim it or not – it’s there. It is present. It is inside of us. 

We have a sound principal inside of us – to be free, to be right, to be well. It is our duty and our responsibility – to safeguard our authenticity. To release what does not serve us, that which is not necessary. 

TRE®️ – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises – is a modality for healing, an innovative way to release tension and stress from your body.

Founded and created by Dr. David Berceli, TRE®️ safely activates your natural reflexive mecahnism by way of neurophysiological rebalancing, assisting your body in releasing deep muscular patterns of tension, stress, and trauma (pysical and emotional).

If you haven’t yet – try TRE®️. 
I am a TRE®️ Certified Facilitator local to Maryland, and I offer private, in home sessions, as well as group classes. Visit my events page for dates and times, and locations for group Trauma Releasing Exercises.

The most commonly reported benefits from TRE®️ include:

  • decreased anxiety
  • the release of chronic tension
  • the discharge of emotional and physical trauma
  • improved sleep, mood, and digestion
  • decreased aches and pains
  • improved flexibility
  • a decrease in symptoms for sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions
Lisa Karasek is a Quantum Healer and Intuitive Practitioner able to powerfully transform your state of being by guiding you to a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life using ancient, multi-dimentional healing modalities, angelic energies, and consciousness based practices. Lisa is passionate and dedicated to helping you work with the dynamics of your Authentic Self Relationship.