Lisa Karasek, Mind Body Spirit Guidance

Lisa began her journey with nutrition in 1990 at the University of Delaware. She started a successful career in 1993, and by 2000 was teaching personal services  and interpersonal skills locally and nationally. Lisa has taken courses in psychology, biology, business, culture, Spiritual development, trauma, and leadership; these enable her to offer a unique holistic approach, aimed at integrating the whole person. Her business experience includes Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore as well as owning, operating and managing the client services of a holistic spa.

Since she was a child Lisa recognized a special skill she had, but didn’t understand it as a talent until she was an adult. The many experiences she couldn’t ignore led her to a greater curiosity and so she began to explore this alternative way for being. Once the transformation from  guided knowledge and energy healing became clear, she decided she had to put her natural abilities to good use. In 2018 Lisa began her studies to become a professional in the healing arts, and certified in Holistic Metamorphosis┬«, an Angelic energy modality for healing, that assists in your ascension process. Lisa is an expert Quantum Healer and Intuitive Practitioner who works across all lifestimes, timelines, and dimensions, providing Energy Healing, Psychic Surgery, Intuitive and card readings, and more. In 2019 Lisa was Ordained into the Priesthood according to the Order of Melchizedek.

Lisa is resilient and has herself worked to overcome posttraumatic stress disorder and the stigma of a negative relationship. She has taken an in-depth personal growth course where she transformed physically, emotionally, and cognitively, destroying fear-based behaviors through the cultivation of emergent and evolutionary self work. This led to her becoming a (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) TRE┬« Certified Facilitator.

In 2014 Lisa’s passion for Health and Wellness, Nutrition, was reignited. She obtained her Certification as an Eating Psychology Coach from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. She is an important practitioner in the growing number of coaches, healers, and educators who are bringing forth a paradigm shift around unwanted behaviors, and eating and body relationships. She specializes in being present with and overcoming the psychological impact of weight and body issues through lifestyle coaching.

2020 and 2021 were BIG years for Lisa when she began collaborating with, and co-wrote four #1 best selling books that are found on Amazon. Explore the website to find more information about the books, and the important chapters Lisa has written. If you’d like a personally signed copy – contact Lisa today! They make great gifts.

In 2021 Lisa moved to Utah and began her next chapter. Still acting as a solopreneur in the healing arts, and also provides sessions with Ken Shepardson who together are LiKe Energy Healing. Lisa not only works as practitioner, she is also a co-creator and facilitator for events. Lisa has created more than one signature course, and teaches her classes locally and virtually.

Lisa believes we are multi-dimensional beings, with varying beliefs, habits and patterns. By combining her knowledge as a coach, using her talents for healing (especially during tension and trauma releasing sessions), accessing and properly channeling her spiritual gifts to serve, she is able to address the layers of healing required and begin the process to upgrading your personal operating system for a more comfortable experience and ascension process.

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