I co-wrote a few books and I’m excited to share them with you here. The first book I co authored is called The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques; 25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health & Wellness, and that went on to become a series – check it out!

I wrote chapter one in the first book of the series, titled Consciousness. In the third volume I wrote a chapter for how to use Mudras and Mantras for healing. Here are some videos I made and additional resources that go along with my chapters.

Here are my favorite Grounding practices from the first book, including the one in my chapter on Consciousness.


video 3.15 minutes

Here is my live demonstration of the grounding tool I outline in the book “The ultimate guide to self healing techniques; 25 home practices & tools for peak holistic health & wellness.” Volume 1, Chapter 1, Consciousness.

Shower with intention to ground

Yes, you read that correctly, this one’s about your personal cleansing ritual.

Take your shower as you normally do, and then add a minimum of two mintes at the end. In these final minutes you will reduce the water temperature until you work up to completing your shower in cold water. Don’t forget to turn around, make sure to regulate your front and back.

Why? In finishing with cold you are accomplishing a couple of things: you’re balancing your nervous system, and pulling your energy back into you.

You’re working on supporting and creating a healthier nervous system with warm to cool, or hot to cold, water temperatures that, in time, will help you regulate and integrate your energy more comfortably. There has been a lot of research over the years on intermitten temperature bathing, and your morning shower routine qualifies for these same benefits.

Warm water, or warm temperatures, allows your energy to escape from you (imagine the steam escaping off your skin) to cool you down. In essence you’re allowing your energy to escape you. Think: you’re draining the energy from your body. When you finish your showers with cold – you’re automatically pulling your energy back to you.

I do not like to be cold, (I should say didn’t) and the very idea of finishing cold on purpose was a hard sell for me at first too. So I weaned into it. I self-appropriated the adjustment, and in time it came to have a profound difference for me. Yes, my moods are more well-adjusted. Yes, my nervous system responds positively to change. No, I don’t feel cold getting out of the shower. Actually before I began this practice my least favorite part of showering was the getting out. Stepping out into the cold bathroom, bare, and having to move to another room to dress made me cold. It used to take me a while to not feel cold. Now I find that not only is my body temperature well adjusted to getting out, but my body temperature feels regulated for hours after my showers too. Actually, over all, the need to feel warm and raise my body temperature, and intolerance to room temperature changes has dwindled away completely. I better tolerate all temperatures now – even outside in the winter, and during sleep! It really shows me how noticeably improved my hormonal and physiological states are now.

Create Sacred Space

Here is the Sacred Space Prayer that I use before I do any energy work, or whenever I feel my energy or mood shift, and I know it’s not mine. Feel free to say it as is, or customize or personalize it.

I call in Archangel Michael and all Divine Beings who wish to be with me now, to clear this room of all lower vibrational and negative energies. Please close all access points and portals and seal them with gold. I call in my guides of Divine Eternal Light, and only those who are polarized to the positive path of ascension in service of other selves, honoring the Law of One and the God of all gods. All other beings and energies must leave now. I now declare this room Sacred Space and I intend that this Sacred Space will be automatically closed when I am done connecting. Amen and so it is.

Routines and Rituals

video 11.41 minutes

Good habits and understanding your WHY for doing them.

Speak to your Angels and Spirit guides

They are here to help you. Both exist in a higher frequency, or realm, and they both hold the knowledge of the bigger picture that is your life, and your purpose.

Angels have not experienced the human form, but they are God’s messengers, and they are here to assist us.

Spirit guides are beyond physical the realm, but they were once human, and they understand the human experience. In fact, they are your guides because they lived a life almost identical to yours, so their understanding of your experiences gives them higher perspective. Because you have free will, they cannot interfere with your progression, but they will guide you toward what you seek.

Because you have free will, they must be called on. Develop a relationship with them, as you would with a best friend, and they will continue to provide the opportunities you’re longing for. Speak to them as you go about your day, and include them in all that you do.

Remember to be sincere, and always express gratitude. Just like any relationship, it needs be balanced. When you fail in gratitude, they won’t be motivated to support you. In helping us, they’re also raising their frequency, so they have motivation. The balance in the partnership speaks to growth – yours and theirs.

Demonstrating Mudras and Mantras

video 27.44 minutes

Here is my live demonstration for the tool I discuss in the book “The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Techniques; 25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health & Wellness.” Volume 3, Chapter 17, Mudras & Mantras

A Collection of Stories that answer the questions: What do you do?, and Why?

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Chapter 7 I became the person I needed
Chapter 7 Trust the process

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