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TRE® Group Class Schedule:

Every other Tuesday : TRE®, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

January 31st, 2023 at 7pm

at Sacred Healings

3918 S 2820 E

Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

  • TRE® is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma (physical and emotional). Created by Dr. David Berceli TRE® safely activates your natural reflexive mechanism by way of neurophysiological rebalancing. Individuals and communities around the world feel the benefits of this modality for healing.
  • The most commonly reported benefits from TRE® : decreased anxiety, the release of chronic tension, the discharge of emotional and physical trauma, improved sleep, mood and digestion, decreased aches and pains, improved flexibility, and the decrease in symptoms for sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions.

I, along with Chris LeBaron, Natalie Collins,  JaNae Hill, and the Seraphic Sounds team host these STEADY EVENTS:

Spiritual Conversations, for Everyone: a weekly talk show.

Join Seraphic Sounds, a team of expert healers, educators, and event planners Every Wednesday at 12:30pm. 

Virtual Livestream

Bi-weekly group healing events of Sound Baths with workshops designed to bring support to your awakening needs with ease while providing opportunities for growth and integration. 

Join us once a month at Crystal Hot Springs for some relaxation, trauma releasing, and healing. Come with your intentions to relax, release, and receive.

Monthly Group Healing with Channeled Messages

Please bring water, and a blanket or support item for your comfort. 

To learn more about our events, classes, workshops, and retreats, please visit the events calendar; and register through Seraphic Sounds on Eventbrite and Sacred Truth on Eventbrite

Coming Soon …

January 21st

The New Moon in Aquarius symbolizes Rebirth.
As you set the intention for rebirthing and begin your preparation for emergence, let’s drop into conscious awareness with a few brief writing exercises that will help you integrate your steps to a new way of being. We will be doing liberation of the chakras, meditation with writing exercises, sound bath, and seed planting with intention setting.

February 4th

Develop and nurture your personal experience by connecting to your authentic truth and purpose. Healing, and overcoming limiting beliefs are mindfully conscious practices that will align you positively with your soul’s deepest desires.

In this class you will:
– Learn how life events create a map for how you act, be, and do in life.
– Identify how the unspoken dynamics of your relationships affect your ability to live authentically.
– Develop personal strategies for mindfulness and how to apply them.

*This event will be offered routinely

February 11th

Deeply explore your personal trauma imprinting; learn about the importance for properly discharging stored energy; and learn how this modality for healing restores your Mind Body Spirit to wholeness. This is an extended workshop with an educational component plus a TRE group session.

*This event will be offered again

February 13, 14 – you can purchase individual day tickets, or a whole event ticket

In this program you will learn:

  • Writing your Bio, Profile, and About.
  • Learn how to tell people (and write copy for) what you do
  • Creating your service menu, and assign value to the services
  • Determine who your ideal client is
  • Decide what type of entrepreneur you’re going to be, and what type of website(s) you will need.
  • Setting intention for, and integrating a spiritual practice into your business
  • Networking, collaboration, follow-up
  • Schedule your time in your back office. (organize and produce: email, calendar, crm, legal, etc.)
  • Doing events. (positioning, posturing, etc.)

We’ll walk you through all the steps to being a vendor / speaker / presenter at an event or festival.

*This event will be offered on a quarterly schedule

* * *

I am a practitioner at Seraphic Sounds, and a co-facilitator and event planner for Seraphic Sounds. There are many new and exciting events and classes for everyone. You’ll see I share a calendar with them, and host events with them.

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