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I’m invited to participate in the Find Your Voice, Save Your Life Summit, and I’m so honored to be a presenter.

The Find Your Voice Save Your Life Summit is an all-day online event on Wednesday May 24th with access through Sunday May 28th. Ten healers have come together to answer the question “How do you make space for your own inner healing?”

We each give expert insight and a practical tool to help you in your own healing practice.

My presentation topic is “Prioritizing the Practicing of Self Awareness”. It’s about what you do with all the tools used for healing, and how you make it your own.

Tickets for access to the full summit are only $27., and they are now on sale.

Please visit the summit page to can see all the author presenters and registration information:

I hope you join us!

TRE® : Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Currently I am seeing private, in-home clients. To schedule your in-home session, email me. Thank You

Group Class Schedule:


  • TRE® is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma (physical and emotional). Created by Dr. David Berceli TRE® safely activates your natural reflexive mechanism by way of neurophysiological rebalancing. Individuals and communities around the world feel the benefits of this modality for healing.
  • The most commonly reported benefits from TRE® : decreased anxiety, the release of chronic tension, the discharge of emotional and physical trauma, improved sleep, mood and digestion, decreased aches and pains, improved flexibility, and the decrease in symptoms for sciatica, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions.


Develop and nurture your personal experience by connecting to your authentic truth and purpose. Healing, and overcoming limiting beliefs are mindfully conscious practices that will align you positively with your soul’s deepest desires.

In this 2 hour class you will:
– Learn how life events create a map for how you act, be, and do in life.
– Identify how the unspoken dynamics of your relationships affect your ability to live authentically.
– Develop personal strategies for mindfulness and how to apply them.



Lisa recognized her gifts for communication with, and the healing of souls at a very young age. Lisa has been divinely called to step into the role of intuitive practitioner and healer. Her natural abilities as a multi-dimensional healer, along with Holistic Metamorphosis™️ (an angelic energy healing modality that creates deep transformation throughout all levels of being) supports and assists your transformation process through Mind Body Spirit Guidance. 

Ken works with angels and archangels, higher masters, and multiple galactic counsels. As a team, they provide insight and pertinent knowledge for your healing experience. Through clairaudience, Ken relays information about your past lives and the origins of stuck energies. Ken is a strong empath, and when combined with his other natural healing capabilities, he is able to pull out energies to be healed or entities to be cleared, and so much more. 

As expert energy healers, mediums, and channelers, Lisa and Ken are devoted to bringing you the ultimate experience. 

The event begins with a guided meditation, and a group healing. 

Once the healing portion is complete, you are encouraged to stay for channeled messages. 


Discover where your soul wants to go to unlock and receive healing.

Guided Journeys are a great tool for healing and optimizing your energetic shifts. 

As you are processing hard emotions, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, and navigating along your path, multidimensional guidance brings you closer to where you need to be. 

Visit your souls spaces, receive gifts and messages, and unlock information that no one else can. Your higher self and your guides know where and what needs to happen for you to experience a breakthrough. 

Guided Journeys aren’t meditations, they’re transformational healing sessions.

Let me take you where you’ve never been before. 



Learn to develop your intuitive skills.

Everyone is welcome, it does not matter what you believe your skill level is. You can just be starting out, only curious, or looking for practice. Whether you are looking for learning, developing, or strengthening; or if you’re simply looking to expand upon your natural abilities, or just want to explore the possibilities. This class is not exclusive for individuals looking to work in the healing arts, it is for everyone. We invite you to come and explore for personal reasons, and have fun while learning. It is our mission to create a safe space for learning. The need for advanced training and certifications are not necessary or required. Come, have fun, and enjoy getting to know this side of you. Expanding your consciousness and remembering who you are is a transformational experience. The potential is limitless. 



In this 2 day program you will learn:

  • Writing your Bio, Profile, and About.
  • Learn how to tell people (and write copy for) what you do
  • Creating your service menu, and assign value to the services
  • Determine who your ideal client is
  • Decide what type of entrepreneur you’re going to be, and what type of website(s) you will need.
  • Setting intention for, and integrating a spiritual practice into your business
  • Networking, collaboration, follow-up
  • Schedule your time in your back office. (organize and produce: email, calendar, crm, legal, etc.)
  • Doing events. (positioning, posturing, etc.)

We’ll walk you through all the steps to being a vendor / speaker / presenter at an event or festival.

*This event will be offered on a quarterly schedule

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