Your Belly is in your Brain


The Slow Down Diet by Marc David is your guidebook to developing your good strategies and habits around Food.


The most common and compelling eating challenges of our time – weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless dieting, and nutrition-related health challenges that have an emotional componentsuch as digestion, fatigue, mood, immunity … and others.

It’s because we’re all affected in some way or another, whether it be our constant struggle or a tmporary one – we’ve all experienced one or more challenges around food. We ask our doctors, our friends, our loved ones – for support and answers … but really the most definitive nutritious expertise is literally found inside you – it’s called your enteric nervous system, OR  The Brain in the Belly (your most faithful and accurate day-to-day dietary guide).

I am employing my Summer Workshop Series to be your guide, a Breakthrough opportunity for you to take charge once and for all, with none of the head scratching and difficulty in choices. See, the struggle occurs when we try and try, and the results are either temporary or absent. With everything else we have to do in life, our relationship with food is, at times, the last thing we feel like working for. No matter what your position – a chronic or temporary struggler – these 8 weeks will change you, and forever eliminate the questions and doubts around your eating habits.

What you’re being asked to do, is, go against what you’ve previously attempted and learned about eating healthy and losing weight – What you’re being asked to do is Slow Down.

To learn why, and HOW slowing down is all you need to do – always … join my Summer Workshop Series, and drop your dieting woes.


Because Everyone Deserves A Healthy Relationship with Food