Experience Tuesdays with Karen Baquiran

Karen Baquiran is too much fun! We’ve done a lot together, and we share good vibes.

March’s Experience Tuesdays theme is Grounding Yourself through food, relationship, lifestyle and mindset.
It’s never too much to remind yourself to monitor and manage these practices and lifelines.
I was excited for Karen to do this months video because her insights are profound and inspirational.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do!

Karen A. Baquiran is an intuitive starseed, energetic healer, Beyond Quantum Healing and remote spirit release practioner, author, channel, medium, psychic surgeon and trauma mentor. Through her business, Karen and her partner Tena M. Dodds, have created a practice in helping everyday people heal themselves. By using their unique methods in combining multiple modalities, they are able to create a safe and loving space for their clients to rest in.

You can find Karen at:
#LoveYourself – A Guide to Awakening the Soul and Putting the Ego to Sleep

Experience Tuesdays

February: Grounding Yourself through food, relationships, lifestyle, and mindset – my conversation with Hemali Vora.

Hemali Vora – a dear friend of mine. We spend so much time together we easily get carried away in our passions, and we share a lot.

Hemali V. Vora, MPT, is an expert holistic practitioner, intuitive energy healer and a spiritual mentor. Her mission is to empower healthcare workers and caregivers towards radical self-care, unconditional self-love, and reclaiming their power. She guides them to their unique legacy blueprint by tapping into their inner wisdom and living an aware life.

According to her, nutrition, movement, energy, spiritual and shadow work play a vital role in healing dis-ease, dis-harmony, pain, overwhelm, burnouts, and traumas.

Over two decades of working in healthcare, she has helped and guided hundreds of patients, clients and their families with chronic illnesses, disabilities, personal traumas, and in their spiritual journeys. She integrates ancient wisdom and modern science in her work. Hemali offers one-on-one or group sessions in her office, in your home and online. www.hemalivora.comwww.facebook.com/coachhemaliwww.instagram.com/_happy_healthy_u

Lisa Karasek, 3 time best selling author. An expert Quantum Healer, TRE® Certified Facilitator and Certified Eating Psychology Coach. Lisa is able to update her client’s states of being to assist in healing using ancient, multi-dimensional healing and Holistic Metamorphosis® (an angelic energy healing modality), consciousness-based practices, and TRE® (tension and trauma releasing exercises). Lisa powerfully guides her clients to a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life. Lisa Karasek is dedicated and passionate about helping you work with the dynamics of your self relationship and believes this is the key to most Mind Body Spirit disease and illness. 

Cleanse & Clear with Lisa and Hemali

Holistic practitioners Hemali Vora (Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach), and Lisa Karasek (Certified Eating Psychology Coach), present “Cleanse & Clear Your Palate” for January 2021.

Our whole food, plant based 21 day program brings a fresh and energized perspective around food and your relationship with eating, and tools for optimizing digestion and assimilation. 

If you’re ready to connect to your own wellness values and build a sustainable plan for healthy eating, to feel inspired to cook more delicious foods at home, and claim the body you see yourself in, then this program is designed for you. We invite you to become your own expert in body, lifestyle, and mindset. 

Some expected benefits for joining this 3 week program include:

  • Fostering and nurturing your own positive relationship with food, eating, and your body.  
  • Understanding food allergies and sensitivities, and recovering from the associated risks and symptoms caused by inflammation in the tissues and your body systems. 
  • Reduced emotional and physical pain.
  • Clarity in skin, hair, nails, and vision.
  • A balanced gut biome.
  • Learn how to reduce and prevent health risks, conditions, and diagnoses. 
  • Lifting the diet stigma and ending body shame. 
  • Positive self-care through embodiment. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Recipes designed to cleanse and detox your body
  • Launch day live video participation and introduction on January 10th at 5pm EST
  • Weekly participatory video and live-streamed classes on Monday January 11th, 18th, and 25th at 7pm EST
  • Weekly group support sessions and check-ins on Thursday January 14th, 21st, and 28th at 7:30pm EST 
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group dedicated to this program 
  • Access to our Youtube channel where you will find informational videos to watch at your own pace, dedicated to this program. These videos will include information on cooking techniques, guided meditations, and education around food, nutrition, eating, emotions, releasing, and more. 

We are launching our program on Sunday January 10th. That gives you enough time to settle into your New Year and determine what your new food resolutions will be for 2021. Cost is $200 per participant. But if you sign up before January 1st at midnite, you get the early bird special and pay only $160. 

To participate, email Hemali or Lisa for access, and let us know that you are ready to take control of your own health and wellness. 


Lisa Karasek studied at the University of Delaware in dietetics, and graduated from The Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Lisa’s story begins with her questions around the differences within her multi-cultural family. “We grew up eating the same diet, together, but we all look different, why?” Generations of ethnic and authentic foods and rituals were present in Lisa’s every day life growing up, but developing a food allergy as an adult forced her to look at what she was eating, and that began her journey of deeper exploration. When Lisa met with a personal challenge, the need to develop a stronger relationship with food and her body became a necessity that ultimately saved her health. Lisa, who is also a TRE® certified facilitator (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) and quantum healer, understands how important the dynamics of health and wellness are, and is sincere in her role as support person and coach. Your biggest energetic shifts occur in a positive direction when you nurture and support the wellbeing of your physical body. Learn more about her, and her programs at www.LisaKarasek.com. Email to LisaMKarasek@gmail.com

Connect with Lisa on Facebook and LinkedIn @LisaMKarasek

and on Telegram @https://t.me/MindBodySpiritGuidanceLK    

Lisa Karasek is a Quantum Healer and Intuitive Practitioner able to powerfully transform your state of being by guiding you to a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life using ancient, multi-dimentional healing modalities, angelic energies, and consciousness based practices. Lisa is passionate and dedicated to helping you work with the dynamics of your Authentic Self Relationship.


and a very Happy New Year to you!

“Who you are when you eat” affects your whole being

You have no idea how many drafts there are – how many times I have sat down, and taken hours, days – of revisiting, editing, eliminating, rewriting, deleting … this article. Pretty much it’s been a resident draft here since I bought the domain. I’ve always known what I wanted to say – I was just having trouble articulating it. I’ll admit, my writing – some days it flows easily, and other days it’s a real struggle. Never did I imagine one day I would have my own Blog. It’s still a tad outside of my comfort zone. I don’t aspire to be a writer, I aspire to be a Great Coach. And being a recognized professional now-a-days means there’s a lot to convey, and a lot of people to reach. So when I feel that flow – and I sit down to write, and something good comes out – I Love it! I really truly do want to give you something that’s worth your time and effort. Yes, I have my reasons for why I think you should want to hire me as a coach – na-huh don’t go there – please get to know me first, my true reason just might surprise you.

According to NeuroScienceNews.com, research has now determined that the gut (your gut) is now recognized as a major regulator of motivational and emotional states. If any of you have attended my Eating Psychology Coaching classes you know this is primarily what we talk about – how you see your food, how you feel about food, what you crave, why you binge ….  Raise your hand if you’ve heard me ask “who are you when you eat?”

It says it right on the home page of my website – My mission is to help those struggling overcome that which is not necessary. I’ve been there, I have struggled. I’ve told you my story, my traumas; you’ve witnessed in real time with me how I went from vulnerable just a few years ago – to empowered – coaching, and guiding you.

I know how my personal relationship with food, how my body image, how my BODY was affected by the trauma I went through, and with all the stress around it, and all that I dealt with over time. I know what my body went through, and what it needed in order to recover. I am not too shy to share with you about the damage, repair and rebuilding process my body, my whole person condition experienced; and how I still feel the affects from those years, what I need to do now. It’s because I’ve been there – that I can make such a statement and say that My Mission . IS . To help those struggling . To help them Overcome . That which is not necessary.


Years ago and just starting out I didn’t realize the impact of my statement. Now my Mission statement has a whole new meaning, a whole new life of its own. I wasn’t an Eating Psychology Coach long before I began on my next certification – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®). For me it was more like: I needed this – you might too! I’ll admit, I was more emotional back then. I was still living in the practical feelings of why I wanted to help you. But between the two courses I kinda became a bit nerdy about it all. All the facts, the science of it all – biologically, physiologically, neurologically, emotionally, spiritually — yea, I geeked out. But I try not to be a geek with you, instead I try to be practical, informative, helpful. I do my best to make it personal – for you. Hopefully in a way that there’s a connection so you understand and possibly relate.

Then I came across this article – and finally the draft, thee draft – I was able to open it with a sense of YES! I can do this! It’s the right time. I finally feel what I want to be expressing. And here we are. So here’s the link to the original article from NeuroScience News.com – so you can go and be geeky in your own way, at your own pace, in your own space, with your own time. Then I want you to go back and re-read a few of my posts, reacquaint if you will – on Facebook, on Medium, here, my newsletters if you’re a subscriber (*btw if you like the content here, but want more, and want to experience truly how I pull it all together – write “subscribe” in the subject line and email it to me, and introduce yourself too please, at info.LK.CEPC@gmail.com) (Yes, I know that there’s a way to put buttons on my sites and all that jazz – but again, it’s just me! I’m a one woman show, and I’m not aspiring to be a tech professional either. Accept me for who I am and that is me who is quite non-tech savvy. I am here to Coach).

What am I going on and on about you ask? Ok. So this article talks about how our “reward center” in our brains affects our mental state, and how the gut-brain connection is in fact a real thing. It’s a shout out to all the dinosaurs who aren’t updating their ways of thinking and accepting the facts that hey – you are a Whole Person. And yes, you are in fact made up of an intricate and highly complex set of systems, within systems, within systems. And people – YES! = YOU it’s time to look at yourself as a system of systems, intertwined, dependent, and expectant of eachother. Why this article? SHRUG I honestly don’t know – something clicked so hey, let’s take it.

And yes, while I was obtaining my certification in TRE®, I set off on another journey too. It brought me to this point of having the 3 come together, of me tweaking my tag line, my logo, and my title – to finally feel confident in pushing out this article and what I envisioned it to be. Because all along I saw you as a Whole Person. All along I knew your journey is a complex and highly peronalized one. All along I respected the truth that no two paths are the same. Everything is a process. Trust in the process. I honor mine, let’s honor yours just as delicately, and with the same devotion. How? Bring in the Spiritual component. Spirituality is for you however you define it. It doesn’t have to be something that someone else is doing, it doesn’t come with an instruction booklet and protocols you must uphold. Spirituality to you is what Spirit is for you. There’s no need to question whether or not we jive, we do! Spirit is my mental state. My belief system. What’s yours?

Finally – the three are coming together, can you see it? I was really onto something when I picked my 2018 theme to be Coming in to Focus 🙂  Again, it’s just pulling together for me now – unfolding before your very eyes.

You have this thought. And you have it again. Then again. It’s like a switch you flip. Take a bunch of these switches and flip them and you have a pattern – hint, hint: This is your projected behavior. Then you repeat the behaviors until they become subconscious for you – and voila!, you have created a belief system. Only, what if one day, you no longer like this belief you have – always thinking about it, letting it weigh on you, trying to fix it, change it –  help! Eeek. Your spirit has dropped. What is this doing to your body!? What is this doing to YOU?!

So yea – let me teach you how to let go of that stress, shed that guilt, find a new perspective – let me help you heal your body, your self.  Let’s get you into the Mind Body Spirit you’re meant to be in. Oh Yeah!

And, with all of this said, and I don’t really feel like making a big deal and seperate announcement just yet (I will once all of the figuring has been figured) – I am hereby announcing that in a short while I will be offering new service packages – to make it easier for you too to Come in to Focus. Because You Deserve A Healthy Self Relationship.