Happy Thanksgiving!



Well, the Holiday Season kickoff is here. The weather is changing and Thanksgiving is this week. This is the time of year we begin stuffing ourselves on the feasts of family, friends, and tradition. I believe Thanksgiving launches the Holiday Season because we need to nourish ourselves – the season is fun and demanding all at the same time, and we need that fuel. I also believe Thanksgiving comes first so that we are reminded to take time and set intentions for the upcoming season. Setting our intentions is another way to say we are setting up our perceptions and our emotions. Positive emotional regulation and management is important this time of year so that we won’t become overwhelmed or lose focus in the awe of it all. Remember this is the season of joy and what that means for us, to honor Gratitude and reflect on the many reasons why. It’s a time for forgiveness, a time for Love, and a time for Inspiration.

Thanksgiving is also the time of year when those of us who diet feel real pressure. Too many people worry about having too much on their plate. We want more. Can’t I have both apple and pumpkin pie? Restricting yourself takes the joy out of your Holiday. And by cutting yourself short you also cut the body short – you’re not properly nourishing your body. And that stress will ultimately keep the weight on.

By keeping a mindset of love during the festivities your body will relax, and properly burn calories and absorb nutrients. Having gratitude and managing your emotions this Holiday Season will help keep the extra lbs. off.

To learn more about preventing extra holiday weight, ask me how I can help you support your Joyous Relationship with Food.

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

– May your holiday be filled with Love and Laughter.