Change The Tune

“For decades, Coca Cola and other big soda companies have spent billions of dollars trying to convince Americans and citizens around the world that soda equals happiness.” “Well, we thought it would be interesting to see a fresh take on the Hilltop ad—where real people, suffering from real soda-related health problems—could tell their stories.  It’s time to change the tune.”

If you have never heard of CSPI – The Center for Science in the Public Interest – Maybe you should look them up. CSPI

I have been a proud member since 1990. CSPI was the 1st periodical I subscribed to as a teen. Over the years I have given subscriptions to friends and family as gifts. I now receive their e-newsletters. CSPI is a non-invasive, non-biased, basics based nutrition awareness campaign headed by Michael Jacobs. Michael Jacobs is a globally recognized leading expert on Nutrition. CSPI will get you involved.

There are many perspectives and opinions and practices when it comes to Health. CSPI has been a foothold in prevention for me. Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed with Diabetes? Or any other condition related to diet?

I want to share this video with you that CSPI has recently released. This is how CSPI rolls.

To see the video, click here: Change the Tune

Because Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship with Food