“A business deciding to give consumers what they want was surely never so contentious”

I was pleased when I read the article Monsanto’s worst fear may be coming true from one of my favorite websites: GreenMedInfo.com

Some highlights from the article: “The decision of the Chipotle restaurant chain to make its product lines GMO-free is not most people’s idea of a world-historic event. A clear sign that the move is significant, however, is that Chipotle’s decision was met with a tidal-wave of establishment media abuse.”

“From this perspective, the significance of the Chipotle move becomes clear. If Chipotle can gain market share and prestige, or charge higher prices, from selling non-GMO products and give (especially young) consumers what they want, it puts traditional vendors of fast and processed food products in an invidious position. Kraft and McDonald’s, and their traditional rivals can hardly be left on the sidelines selling outmoded products to a shrinking market. They will not last long.”

“The other factor in all this turmoil is that the GMO technology wheel has not stopped turning. New GMO products are coming on stream that will likely make crop biotechnology even less popular than it is now. This will further ramp up the pressure on brands and stores to go GMO-free. There are several contributory factors.”

I share this with you because maybe right now is a good time to remember that every single thing we do on a day to day basis, every single choice we make, and every single thought we have – contributes to our health and vitality. We must be mindful that we are all ultimately responsible for our own choices, for our own everything – on every level of emotional consciousness. For too long too many have been quiet and possibly afraid. “We” may be fooled into believing that silence is “good”. “We” were raised to believe that “they” have our interests at heart. No, the callous and the greedy position themselves on high. 2015 is now, and people are coming out of the haze. We are remembering that hey – that’s my choice to make, not yours. It is “we” the collective who need to band together and secure our position, sometimes it takes a tribe to get it done. Chipotle, not only are they tasty and trendy – they have positioned themselves as spokesperson for the collective. Chipotle is doing this for US. They are doing this for YOU. Controversy is not a bad word. “We” are being heard.

To view the full article, visit: Monsanto’s Worst Fear

Because Everyone deserves a Healthy Relationship with Food