You can’t pour from an empty cup


Some days you just don’t feel like it. Some days your cranky pants are riding up your butt. Some days you just want to stay under the covers. Having a day like this here and there is ok, but feeling like this more often than not and there are some questions you should be asking yourself.          Mental Health is management of your State of Mind. Here’s how Nutrition plays a key role. … In your body there are organs, and some of those organs produce chemicals – the same chemicals that regulate both your gut, and your brain.

So for example, lets say you are having like your 80th day of I don’t feel like its. And you also begin to think about how – come to think of it – your stomach has felt upset for a long time now, and your bathroom habits are different too. Is it because you have been consuming a steady diet of french fries and milk shakes? You wish you could get more sleep, but work has been so demanding lately. And your brother – Jeez! Let’s not even get started on that.

Stress has upset your body and its ability to properly digest your food, and your diet hasn’t exactly been full of balanced nutrients. When the two coincide – what’s happening is your internal body is becoming inflamed, and allowing harmful bacteria to build up and kick out the beneficial bacteria that serves your digestive tract in a positive way. The inflammation spreads and you develop sensitivities to foods that are harming your body and you don’t even realize it. If you keep this up, you won’t be able to eat those foods again! Your diet of french fries and milk shakes, and the improper balance of nutrients, are affecting your mood because the off-set balance of digestive enzymes are irritating your gut, and you’re not getting the nutrients needed that allow your brain to produce the chemicals it needs for clear thinking. Your mood shifts are stressing you further because you can’t understand what is wrong with you – and you fool yourself to believe it’s a lack of willpower or strength somewhere in your crazy life – and you push yourself even harder.

Uh-oh, you were just in a car accident. Why can’t you just catch a break!? Now there is even more to deal with and you have your cousins wedding coming up – how are you going to fix your car AND fly out there AND buy a new dress? OY. Lets hope you can share a hotel room with mom and dad. And that car accident could not have happened on a worse day – you missed the morning staff meeting and your boss was a bit less understanding than you had hoped. Can you believe that guy! You can’t help but think about it for the next few days. Right now you feel very overwhelmed and you go in to the bathroom for a good cry. You know what this means, don’t you – pizza and beer tonight with a good tv binge. This is not typical of you, you usually handle all this stuff much better. What is going on?

Let me tell you – what’s going on is your hormone production is decreasing because your gut is irritated and your brain chemicals are not getting the support they need. Something needs to change, but how? We do not learn HOW in college or from friends or mainstream media, so it’s time to get help. Because your brain and your gut are not serving you well right now. You need to be thinking more clearly and making better choices and taking care of yourself better before all that damage makes you for reals sick.

As a Lifestyle Coach with a Focus on Nutrition, I can help you figure out how to make the dietary changes you need, leading to better gut health, and also help you find a Healthy State of Mind.

Because Everyone Deserves A Healthy relationship With Food.