Guys reveal what ‘Look’ they believe makes a MAN“>THE TRY GUYS GET PHOTOSHOPPED WITH MENS IDEAL BODY TYPES

try guys

Go ahead – I double dog dare you – click that link above and watch as 4 men re-create themselves as they wish they looked.

Their ideal body Image

Their idea of what Strength looks like

Their idea of what Healthy looks like

Their idea of what Athletic looks like

Gentlemen: Where about your body do you feel most ashamed, or try to hide?

What holds you back from being completely open and free?
How comfortable are you in your body? – Physically AND Emotionally?
Can you think of a creative way you would like to experiment and find some answers behind your beliefs?

Perception is a big deal when it comes to your Food Relationship.

As the guys in this video discuss – for some its strength, others – health.
As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach I work with men with weight, body, and perception.

Attitude is everything when it comes to feeling comfortable.

For the month of June I am offering Men 75% off your first session. 

Because Everyone Deserves A Healthy relationship with Food!