June 27th is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Day.

In the efforts to support Awareness, I am launching a Facebook campaign to be timely distributed throughout the day, building in momentum.

I want everyone to understand that when someone suffers trauma, violence, abuse, or chronic stress – the physical, physiological, mental, and biochemical upsets are felt long-term. For me, erupting anger is usually a sign that someone or something has knocked me off my cloud, and will whirlwind my behavior for the coming hours, days, and sometimes weeks.

A persons state of emotional health directly impacts how well, or how poorly – digestion and assimilation, and caloric burning capabilities are facilitated. In other words, when you hurt – you suffer. Unwanted symptoms and behaviors develop as the body is weakened by the stress, triggering One’s Spirit to become deflated.

Properly managing your emotions, and healing your body – is the desired course of action. As an Eating Psychology Coach, I work with you to overcome the struggles with your chronically  stressed body and mind. Investigating your Lifestyle, properly supporting your Health through Nutrition, and incorporating practices for managing your emotions is the solution to minimizing the impact that PTSD will have on you.

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