Winter Workshop Series

img_1683Winter Schedule for the 2016, 2017 Workshop Series, located in the Latrobe Park Recreation Center on Fort Avenue.

$20 per participant per class, $15 for early registration – do so by calling 443-552-0750.

September Wednesday 21st, 28th at 6pmBack to school!

Parents often struggle with packing lunches and working and getting their children to school, as well as any extra curricular and planned after school programs. Making sure your kids eat enough throughout the day can be tough. Healthy choices and proper management while keeping everyone happy can be a challenge at times, especially if one or more of the children or family members has a disability, medical condition, or food allergy. Septembers Workshop is geared toward healthy food options, food preparation, getting the children involved, and how to talk to your kids about food relationships. Each family is a unique dynamic, and customizable strategies will sustain your nutritional needs throughout the school year and beyond.

October Wednesday 19th, 26th at 6pmMindful Eating.

Summertime is relax time, and that often includes relaxed thoughts about food choices. It’s a social time, activity time – and food is either negatively judged, or given exemptions. It’s time to get back on track and get your body and food habits winter ready again.

November Wednesday 16th, 23rd at 6pmDefining Eating Psychology and getting ready for the Holiday Season.

Understanding your emotions and stories attached to the eating experience during the Holiday Season. How your mood and energy is affected, and developing a personal strategy.

December Wednesday 14th at 6pmOpen Discussions.

As an Eating Psychology Coach I am prepared to answer your questions around food and weight. Because Everyone Deserves A Healthy Relationship with Food.

January Wednesday 18th, 25th at 6pmIt’s Resolution Time!

Diets are designed to fail you. Take charge and sustain your lifestyle with the knowledge of how to best support your health – Mind, Body, Spirit, Nutrition.

February Wednesday 15th, 22nd at 6pmDon’t Wait!

Love Your Body, Love Yourself. Putting off Life because you need to look a certain way first will only keep you from reaching your goals. Learn to Love yourself and Live Your Life Now. Your energy is felt by others before you are occupying their personal space. Learning about the Law of Attraction.

March Wednesday 22nd, 29th at at 6pm – Introduction to The Psychology Of Eating.

We will discuss everything you think you know about dieting and weight.

This Workshop is designed to lift the stigma of dieting and how it affects you.