Today I am Thankful


I have always been told I am a Strong Woman – a statement I used to just brush off with a feeling like shyness – perhaps because I never fully understood the weight this statement held – until recently. Now, as I share myself and work with others as their coach, I understand this statement. It does hold a lot of weight – You Are Strong. Now when someone offers me this compliment I smile and wear it proudly. I lift my head high and I embrace the entire weight of this statement – You Are Strong. And the feeling of Pride I have is Strong. Because when you work for something and do not allow it to get clouded or to be misrepresented – when it does not just define you but it is part of your fibrous being – the interwoven and overwhelming complexity of Beauty and Uniqueness that is YOU – it holds your heart firmly, bringing Aliveness and Fullness to it. Today, and every day, I am Thankful – for the gift of Strength and for the Power that is ME. I use my Strength for GOOD.

There was a time when other people tried to convince me otherwise. They tried to break me – they harrassed and disrupted me, stressed me, and belittled me, they attempted to oppress me. But the truth always remains the same – and the TRUTH is – I am a Beautiful and Strong Woman. I have the capability to recognize where I do not need to be, and the strenght to leave. I have the capacity to understand that when someone tries to hurt me, it is because they are in pain. I have the comapssion to hold them in my thoughts, and wish them better. I have the strength to not take it personally when they attack me – because their actions against me are not worth anything that belongs to me.

I am Thankful for the Strength I have nurtured, for it grows with every passing day. It is because of my Strength that I am able to nurture others.

What are you Thankful for?