The end of year wrap up


This very well may be the most stressful time of the year for a lot of you. Stress can also be understood, or felt, by way of the meaning “pressure”. You each have your own take on how you feel this time of year, and each year new reasons why pop up. Remember what you can handle, know when to say no, stand up for yourself, or be a bit more flexible and compassionate. Too often we just push through this time of year, sleep when we’re dead, act now-think later, and so on. You just can’t wait to get through it. But the view you’re missing is – ENJOY! Enjoy yourself, enjoy the season, enjoy all the splendor that is in front of you.

If life has not turned out as you had hoped, if things aren’t what you want them to be, or need them to be – then it’s time to address the reasons why. You’re right, things aren’t what you hope they are, but how you feel about that can make all the difference in the world. Learning to ACT, and not RE-act to things make for a much easier time. I offer services to help you better  understand that how you approach life – is how your approach to food reveals itself. Unwanted behaviors and habits really get a lashing this time of year because you are RE-acting to something, instead of being proactive about it.

The act of ENJOY! is Nourishing. Enjoying your life allows the body to digest and assimilate the food you eat more fully. Being stressed out and putting pressure on yourself to be different, diminishes the bodys capability to nourish you by up to 60%. Look at it this way – if you’re not happy, your body will become unhealthy. You’re in your own way for being healthy. So let’s talk about your work, your friends, your interests, your family, and your lovers. What’s not working? What are you holding on to, that is ultimately holding weight on to you, and weakening your immune system?

In the past you’ve tried many hopeful solutions I’m sure, you are not alone. But what all quick fixes have in common – is that they first worked for some body else. YOU are your own expert. Only you know how it feels to be you. As a coach, I work with your personal and individual story, I help you understand your beliefs and your experiences – and I help you find the most success because I combine Nutrition with Psychology. I put you in the drivers seat.

So don’t place yourself in the holiday prison. Don’t dread your travels, or be alone. Don’t skip or deprive yourself of your favorite foods for a silly reason -like a number. Enjoy yourself for the next few weeks, but think about your new year strategies for your life plan – and look at my services page. Having someone (ME!) guide you on YOUR path, rather than taking you down someone else’s road – will set you up for living the life you want, and maximizing your health.

Because Everyone Deserves A Healthy Relationship with Food