Strategizing Your Resolutions

‘Tis the time when many of us are reflecting on all we have done previously, and think about the changes we want in life. Now is the perfect time to attach intentions to our wishes for the upcoming year.

Your New Year Resolutions usually include health, body image, dietary adjustments or explorations, improved behavior, work performance, and perhaps learn a new activity.

One of the tools I began practicing for 2015 was Gong. Gong is active daily participation in a small handful of resolutions. The goal of Gong is to simply START. For example if you designate daily meditation, body movement for 20 minutes, and remembering to take your supplements, then you will gain the benefits of routine through discipline. The goal of a Gong is to practice it for 100 days, so that it then becomes an effortless part of your day. If you miss a day, then the next day you start over. I’ll be honest – daily rituals are difficult to achieve. It does take practice. Many beginners need several attempts before reaching the goal of 100 days. I say this to remind you that you are not alone. It is okay to progress in small increments. When you strive to make too many changes at once, you are setting yourself up for failure. So a Gong should start small – maybe one, or just a few wants to begin with. Then once you’ve achieved your 100 days and those wants are now as unconditional as breathing, then when you are ready for your next focus, you start a new Gong.

For the last few days you have probably been thinking about what resolutions should look like for your 2016. Now it’s time to sit down and write the list. But don’t just make a list – next to each resolution include an intention. Really spell it out. Be specific about the WHY you want this change in your life. Then alongside the intention, include WHO will support you, & who will help keep you accountable. It’s easy to get discouraged, so the gentle reminders and comforts that others will provide are important to your success. Seeing it laid out as such, by keeping connected to your goals and intentions, will help you find the power and motivation.

Kept resolutions, no matter what time of the year, clearly brings your life to action.