Lose Weight Now

March brings with it many exciting things, primarily warmer weather, and that usually makes everyone feel pretty stoked – what with the jackets and bulky sweaters being shed and all. We see more people out – gardening, with children at the playgrounds, running groups, bicyclists, walkers, outdoor seating at the cafe’s. It’s great to be alive!

wellness plan

This brings the realization that we are exposed – in public – our true form – out there for all to see, and judge. E-gads, your running and cycling gear is form fitting. But who is the person judging your body the most?

Most people get caught up in this “must – have – now” mindset. They look for opportunities that bring immediate results, and minimal resistance. People push themselves like they’ve never pushed before. Larger than life personalities guarantee success with minimal effort. Quick fixes are attractive, they are exactly why fad diets are extremely popular with their promise of dramatic results. According to a new, healthcare market research report, Global Weight Loss and Gain Market is worth $586.3 billion dollars annually, growing at 10.9%.

People buy into “lose weight now!”  Effective marketing strategies lure in the unsuspecting prospects that are vulnerable and, often, desperate. The advertising is something with which we can relate to, and the (seemingly overnight) changes the others experience are what we must – have – now. But multiple failed attempts go unrecorded, and the next  “latest and greatest” plan is born.

Sadly, we fall into this vicious cycle time and again, year after year – and once more we are left scratching our heads as to why it didn’t work long-term. Don’t fall prey to the temptation of the quick and easy  path. Instead, create a very deliberate and well thought-out plan. Consult the professionals, and enlist a few close friends and family members to hold you accountable. As a Lifestyle Coach with A Focus on Nutrition I am right there with you, step by step – on that trail to a healthier, sexier, and fit You.


*Healthcare report statistics provided by Aaron Walker of A View from the Top*