April Events


April 11Mindful Mondays at the Howard County Holistic Center at 8am

Join me, Lisa Karasek, CEPC this Monday for a Holistic discussion around your personal relationship with food.
As we move into warmer weather and shed bulky, protective clothing, and move into our more active lifestyles – Becasue Everyone Deserves A Healthy Relationship with Food.

Full description from Holistic Living: Contemplative Practices provided by host Patti Taylor of Integral Life Solutions …
Mindful Mondays have become even more interesting in April. Arrive: 7:45 am. Meditation: Setting Intention for the Week,
8:00-8:20 am. Meet and Greet: 8:20-9:00 am. Holistic Presentation: In Breath, Out Breath, New topic each week.

Fee: $20.00. RSVP required: ptaylor@IntegralLifeSolutions.com
*Please contact Patti to reserve your spot today, space is limited.
*Located behind the Wendys and Pizza Hut on route 108 in Columbia MD.

April 14Class 4 in my Introduction to The Psychology of Eating Workshop at 7:30pm

The Introduction to the Psychology of Eating Workshop is designed to guide you through your own personal exploration of your Relationship with Food. This workshop is inspirational for anyone looking to gain weight, lose weight, maintain their weight, or who deal with the demons or strengths of body perception. This workshop is ideal for anyone who is struggling with balancing lifestyle choices with meals and having a career. This workshop is suited for heads of households and the grocery shopper. This workshop will help people who eat at restaurants but prefer to be in their kitchens. This workshop is designed to lift the stigma of diet and how it affects you.

For more information visit the Announcements page

April 23Barefoot walk at Fort McHenry National Monument at 10am

Join us for a Spring walk at Fort McHenry.  We will have coffee to share. Please bring a travel mug to fill with coffee (we may have some extra cups available).

Here are some of the benefits of walking barefoot in the grass: The entire environment in the morning; the fresh air, sunlight and peaceful atmosphere helps you in innumerable ways. Fresh oxygen helps your body work better, sunlight helps you keep warm, replenishes your vitamin D stores and the calm atmosphere helps relax your entire body and mind, allowing you to let go of all your stress. Apart from that the green color of grass, helps stimulate your body to produce calming hormones that help you relax.Regular walking, as little as half an hour a day can improve cardiovascular health, moderate weight. In addition, it improves blood oxygenation, circulation, and immune response, removes toxins, and relieves stress. Our breath starts to synchronize with our motion. Ultimately, walking on grass becomes a form of healing meditation, removing our stress and replacing it with wellbeing on all levels.

Fort McHenry National Monument at 2400 E. Fort Avenue Baltimore, MD

Accessibility note:  Fort McHenry is accessible for wheelchair users and there is a paved path. However, we will be walking on the grass which may be a barrier for people with limited mobility.

I look forward to seeing you!