Giving Power to Words

Words carry energy.

Maybe a sibling or a friend called you a name. Maybe a lover spoke a word about you that stuck. Maybe it sat in your stomach and made it ache. Maybe it swelled in your chest and made you cry. Maybe it made your head spin and your inner voices screamed until you lost a weeks worth of sleep. Maybe you felt the harshness of anger in your throat and you lashed out in retaliation. Maybe it put distance between you.


The experience of that can be a constant reminder – you can choose to hold it, or not.


Giving Power to the hurtful words someone else uses toward you has a detrimental affect. It can cause you to constantly live with feeling hurt, making it part of you. Holding onto hurt affects your digestion and assimilation, and your immune system becomes weakened. Your whole of body systems are thrown off a point and the domino affect of symptoms start in motion. Another way holding onto hurt transforms you is in the great potential in developing the unwanted behavior of binge eating (attracting unhealthy choices), or worse, the restriction of pleasurable foods (or pleasure in life). You may become inclined to repeat these hurtful words back to yourself as you struggle to understand them. You can choose to believe them, or not.

Here’s what you need to know – Emotional pain provides valuable information, telling us about the state of our psyche. These feelings are letting us know that we have been affected by someone or something, and that we would do well to focus our awareness inward. It’s natural to want to resist hurt, but in moments when someone says something hurtful toward you – allow yourself to feel it, and take pause to understand that what they made you feel is not what you believe to be truth about yourself. Relax some, and take a moment to listen. With time you will come to learn that the hurt is giving you valuable information. Embrace the moment as the event that will morph you into a stronger, more valuable being than you imagined you could be.

Exploring possible life events to understand your unwanted eating habits, or digestive and other health issues – is just one example of the type of work we can do together.  Undesirable weight, extra lbs., and a negative body image usually have little to do with actual food. It’s the real life struggles, and the pains of being you that influence your shape and size.

If you feel your weight issues or negative body image are relatable, Please call for a complimentary consultation.