Managing A Healthy Relationship with Food this Holiday Season

color your food

“Managing a Healthy Relationship with Food” is designed to guide you through your own personal exploration of your relationship with food and to lift the stigma of diet and how it affects you. You will be invited to be present with your body as you take in nourishment, and learn to place value on your personal relationship with food by understanding the effects of negative behaviors, beliefs, and unwanted symptoms. Being present with your relationship with food empowers your relationship with Life.

This discussion will take place at the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel House in Silver Spring MD located at 1901 Powder Mill Rd, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903. There is a $20 Donation fee for members, and $25 Donation fee for Non-Members. Register on Paypal at and click on “make a donation.” Or, you may pay with cash at the door.