Emotional Eating

We come in to this world and we drink mothers milk. We eat, we partake in meals, we consume, we starve, we struggle. There is a reason we do all of this, but you may not fully understand the depths of why we eat, indulge, and survive the way we do. We hear things, we see things, we mimic, and we experiment. We perceive things to suit our needs. We are curious.


Girls emulate their mothers and other prominent female figures in their world. They are very susceptible and vulnerable to what they see and hear. They observe your responses and develop your actions, and they want the same for themselves.

This astounding statistic shows how our societal pressures have affected us negatively and impact our overall well being. Body image and the stigma of weight is a societal and cultural problem. As individuals we must tackle this. Together we can overcome this.

We’re in a food revolution. Being accountable for our own health and wellness is becoming more apparent. Our language, our beliefs, and our perceptions surrounding food and how we connect that with personal health is what my work encompasses.

Break the cycle, heal yourself and support your daughter now. Together we can create the Healthy Relationship with Food that you and our daughters Deserve.