Are you outsourcing your food?

Years ago when I was a teacher, a fair percentage of the students grades relied on a required research paper. The only requirements from the school was that the papers be at least 5 pages, and have 3 resources. Oh, and a class presentation was included. I had to pre-approve the topics so there would be no overlapping of content. I have always held the belief that we are each responsible for our selves, so I pushed this assignment a bit farther. I asked the students to not only have a minimum of three resources, but that the paper and the presentation demonstrate their arguments for or against those resources. These show and tells took up full weeks. Extended conversations were had, and a lot of questions were always raised. I had a 100% pass rate – I think it’s still a record at that school. I was there for 5 years. And I always had more students than my classroom could hold. Any students making up missed days preferred to sit in my classes. I had a wait list for my classes. I used to complain that I never had enough time to cover the material because we were always in such a debate over something.  Some students even wanted to stay after.

Anyone can write or say anything. There is a lot of content out that there, and some is not well intended. Some content is out right manipulative. Some is meant to confuse. Some demands control. And yes, there is A LOT of really, really good and well researched information out there from which you can form a positive alliance with.

When you are facing a decision, or looking for a choice, or seeking an alternative, where do you go? How many of you pull up at least 3 websites and actually read some content before deciding if you agree? How many of you get a second doctors opinion? A 3rd? How many friends do you confer in the process? Do you intentionally look for something to counter what you just read – because that’s not a bad idea?

You have worth. Food is the longest relationship you will ever have in your lifetime – are you making good choices on its behalf? How much value do you give your food? What is your opinion on GMO foods? You can afford the time it takes to research what you need to live a long and healthy life. Every time you make a purchase at a grocery store, a restaurant, or similar, and every time you raise your fork to your mouth – you have just made choice, one that supports or negates your health consciously or unconsciously. How much time have you really spent thinking about all of this? My job as a Coach with a Focus on Nutrition is to help you decipher all the nutritional information out there, assist you with  your WHY, and guide you in developing an conscionable worth that is sustainable and suits your lifestyle.