Identify your baggage

One of my jobs as a food coach is to figure out who the eater is.

As humans we cannot help but to think. But when thoughts – conscious or not – hinder your health, then I become a key component in the equation.

If you are entertaining negative inner dialogue when you sit down to your meal, you reduce the value of that meal by 60%. It can be the healthiest meal of your life, but you won’t digest or assimilate it properly.

What are you holding on to?        8834332_orig

When you look at pictures from your 29th Birthday, what memory sticks with you the most? Did someone in 9th grade years ago make a side comment that hurt your feelings? Did a co-worker say something insulting and inappropriate? What we remember and how those memories make us feel is what we hold on to. No one else feels the story like you do. It’s deep, and its part of your bodys cellular and muscle memory too. The why and how it stuck with you can inhibit your vitality.


Are you carrying yesterday’s baggage? is an article I found that puts a perspective on this baggage concept that I hope you find helpful. However, the author did not consider a coach in the options. As you read this article, if there is anything you identify with and think that maybe it might be a reason your health practices, your food behaviors, or your body image struggles are negatively directing you – remember that you do not have to do this alone. The author herself says you may not understand or know how. Knowing who you are as an eater is where your direction finds energy. Exploring your thoughts, accepting the need for change, identifying the challenge, and embracing the choice is how you manage the direction. If you are ready to let go of your baggage, as your coach we will explore your lifestyle desires. Together we can create a supportive and sustainable life management guideline, bringing you closer to a Healthy Relationship with Food that fully supports the lifestyle you Deserve.