Consciousness Mapping

Lisa Karasek here, Quantum Healer and author of Consciousness, in The Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Techniques; 25 Home Practices and Tools for Peak Holistic Health and Wellness – Volume 1 (it’s a book series).

I had been looking to create new classes to offer, and this book project gave me great inspiration, and helped me hone in on what I really want to focus on.

My journey as a healer is just beginning, it took me a few years to get comfortable with releasing jobs that didn’t suit my soul, and choosing to fully step into a world that is not familiar. Deciding to exclusively be an Intuitive Practitioner, and embracing the label Healer took time, but it was SO worth it!

Now I am more than ready to share with you how you can have what you want, live an ideal life, and feel aligned with your purpose.

The process of Consciousness Mapping helps you to understand on a deep level why you make the decisions you do, uncover the roots of your “triggers,” and helps you shift to a powerful, aligned state of being. Develop and nurture your personal experience by connecting to your authentic truth and purpose.

Healing, and overcoming limiting beliefs are mindfully conscious practices that will align you positively with your soul’s deepest desires.

In this online class you will:

  • Learn how life events create a map for how you act, be, and do in life
  • Identify how the unspoken dynamics of your relationships affect your ability to live authentically
  • Develop personal strategies for mindfulness and how to apply them

Mapping your conscious awareness provides focus for and more deeply tunes you in to all that is possible.

My class through The Reiki Awakening Academy is being offered at multiple dates and times, but Thursday Aug 6th at 7pm EST is the next one. Offered again on August 15th, and there are more dates scheduled until the end of the year.

Please register at:

Lisa Karasek, author in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques; 25 Home Practices & Tools for Peak Holistic Health & Wellness. An expert Quantum Healer, TRE® Certified Facilitator and Certified Eating Psychology Coach, who is able to update her client’s states of being to assist in healing. Using ancient, multi-dimensional healing and Holistic Metamorphosis® (an angelic energy healing modality), consciousness-based practices, and TRE® (tension and trauma releasing exercises), Lisa powerfully guides her clients to a healthier, happier, more purposeful life. Lisa is dedicated and passionate about helping you work with the dynamics of your self relationship and believes this is the key to most Mind Body Spirit disease and illness.