Today I am Thankful


I have always been told I am a Strong Woman – a statement I used to just brush off with a feeling like shyness – perhaps because I never fully understood the weight this statement held – until recently. Now, as I share myself and work with others as their coach, I understand this statement. It does hold a lot of weight – You Are Strong. Now when someone offers me this compliment I smile and wear it proudly. I lift my head high and I embrace the entire weight of this statement – You Are Strong. And the feeling of Pride I have is Strong. Because when you work for something and do not allow it to get clouded or to be misrepresented – when it does not just define you but it is part of your fibrous being – the interwoven and overwhelming complexity of Beauty and Uniqueness that is YOU – it holds your heart firmly, bringing Aliveness and Fullness to it. Today, and every day, I am Thankful – for the gift of Strength and for the Power that is ME. I use my Strength for GOOD.

There was a time when other people tried to convince me otherwise. They tried to break me – they harrassed and disrupted me, stressed me, and belittled me, they attempted to oppress me. But the truth always remains the same – and the TRUTH is – I am a Beautiful and Strong Woman. I have the capability to recognize where I do not need to be, and the strenght to leave. I have the capacity to understand that when someone tries to hurt me, it is because they are in pain. I have the comapssion to hold them in my thoughts, and wish them better. I have the strength to not take it personally when they attack me – because their actions against me are not worth anything that belongs to me.

I am Thankful for the Strength I have nurtured, for it grows with every passing day. It is because of my Strength that I am able to nurture others.

What are you Thankful for?

Understanding Food Habits


$20 per person, per class -OR- $15 early registration

Join the class at the Latrobe Park Recreational Center

1627 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore 21230

Understanding your emotions and stories attached to the Eating Experience during the Holiday Season. How your mood and energy is affected, and developing a personal strategy.

Managing A Healthy Relationship with Food this Holiday Season

color your food

“Managing a Healthy Relationship with Food” is designed to guide you through your own personal exploration of your relationship with food and to lift the stigma of diet and how it affects you. You will be invited to be present with your body as you take in nourishment, and learn to place value on your personal relationship with food by understanding the effects of negative behaviors, beliefs, and unwanted symptoms. Being present with your relationship with food empowers your relationship with Life.

This discussion will take place at the Takoma Metaphysical Chapel House in Silver Spring MD located at 1901 Powder Mill Rd, Silver Spring, Maryland 20903. There is a $20 Donation fee for members, and $25 Donation fee for Non-Members. Register on Paypal at and click on “make a donation.” Or, you may pay with cash at the door.

Open Consultations – November 19th

Curious, but not sure?

Interested, but need more?

What’s Holding You Back?

img_1699Everyone is an emotional eater – and that’s a good thing! As humans we all have emotions, and we all must eat. We all go through stuff, feel stress, talk to ourselves, make decisions based upon beliefs, and we all live in bodies. How cool is it to truly understand how what you do in life affects you, and how How you live and play impacts your body.

My goal is for everyone to have a Healthy Relationship with Food, and that is so much more than simply what you eat. For those of you who struggle, or simply want to make sure your food balance and health practices are sustainable and support your lifestyle – indulge in your curiosity, and come in for your complimentary consultation. 

This winter I am holding classes to help you better understand what your relationship with food really means to you. But learning is just the first step, the real change happens when you begin to practice. As a certified coach, I will be with you every step of the way, and support you unconditionally no matter what your goals. But don’t just take my word for it – I have to earn your trust. And the best way to feel if you can trust me, is to question me.

This is why on Saturday November 19th I am offering you something VERY special … You get to check me out – with no strings attached.  Between 2:30 and 5:30 I will be holding a safe space for you to ask your most curious questions about diet, food, nutrition, and eating psychology.

Open Consultations will be conducted at 

The Church of Redemption - 1401 Towson Street, Baltimore 21230

Beacuse Everyone Deserves A Healthy Relationship with Food


  • For enquiries outside of the Baltimore region – Open Skype consultations will be available December 3rd – by appointment only – between 12 and 3pm EST. To schedule your  Open Skype Consultation, email me at


*the fine print:

Time is limited. Each attendee will have 15 minutes to engage in a proper, open consultation.  


Mindful Eating


$20 per person, per class -OR- $15 early registration

Join the class at the Latrobe Park Recreational Center

1627 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore 21230

Summertime is relax time, and that often includes relaxed thoughts about food choices. It’s a social time, activity time – and food is either negatively judged, or given exemptions. It’s time to get back on track and get your body and food habits winter ready again.