New Food Resolutions


Changes don’t just happen, they evolve. There’s a process to be aligned with, a catalytic curiosity, a balance to be struggled with, a focus to visualize with and settle upon, an opportunity to be explored,  a space created. And changes don’t occur unless they occur as a result of Self-Love.

The thing to learn about self-love is that it doesn’t come when a few lbs. are lost, or when another job comes along, and it doesn’t happen when we finally find our S.O.

Self-Love doesn’t come when you fail yourself – year after year.

It comes when you show up for yourself, when you honor yourself – WITH LOVE – Every Day, not just once a year.

So instead of shaming or guilting yourself into change – let’s put the real opportunities on the table.

As a Lifestyle Coach with a Focus on Nutrition, together we can explore, plan and anticipate – to really get the results you’re looking for.