Mind your approach

Your personal goals should be supporting you, completing you – not pushing you into a competition, or misery, or feelings of pressure or fear.

Mind Body Spirit Nutrition

There is a balance to be struck – a line from development to growth.

Lifestyle is a choice – YOUR choice, and it’s to be be nurtured, not ignored. Too many say I can’t – but they should, they’re not being as true to themselves as they could be. This is easy for me to see because I have come out on the other side, but I promise you that you too, can gain that perspective. It’s tricky to navigate because you deeply believe you are doing everything in your power – You’re working as best you can with what you have. And you’re not giving up. And since it’s January and we’re all a buzz about resolutions, and we’re fresh with effort – let’s talk sustainability – and making the right tweaks toward improvement and success. Let’s talk about rising up to the challenge, about finding, and holding on to your motivators and inspirations. Let’s talk about stepping outside that cozy comfort zone. Let’s talk about stepping in to your courage.

It’s about letting go of what isn’t working. It’s about making a positive shift. It’s about being honest with yourself. It’s about understanding your expectations and intentions – and dedicating your time and energy. It’s about strategy. It’s YOU, in training.

Your goal is a doable practice, am I right? There are key areas in your life you should be looking at – the areas that develop and strengthen your Mind, Body, Spirit … and Nutrition is one of the key components. Food is the longest relationship you have in this life – do not discount the power of it.

We’re rounding the final corners of January, and if you’re struggling with your resolutions, your goals – don’t give up!, but instead take another look. Ask some questions, do some tweaking, try the other angle.

As a Lifestyle Coach, I work with you – finding the right questions to ask, and I will help you dive in. I’ll help you identify the key points and highlight some new perspectives. We’ll factor in the management of your overall health and wellness plan, ensuring that you succeed.

So C’mon – Let’s do this! It’s 2017 already!