Ah, Love


As an Eating Psychology Coach I understand that many of us struggle with how we look and feel in our bodies, and you know by now that my mission is to help those who struggle – overcome that which is not necessary. Love Your Body, Love Yourself is my theme this month, as we embrace our very own sense of aliveness – in order to let go of the many fears, disbeliefs, and unwanted habits that may be keeping us from Love.

There’s no time like the present, and waiting to look or feel a certain way, only stalls Love, or pushes it away.

To truly Love – Your life perceptions, Your life attunements and desires, Your manifestations and your actions, Your compassions, Your expression, and Your intuitions – require value. So open yourself up to Love, and let’s both nourish and surrender to, your matters of the heart

Whether you are searching for Love in another person, or searching within, February is here to remind us that there is no better time than the present to Honor Love. Whether you have had success, or still looking, February is here to help us along.


I was asleep, then awake

weeping, then laughing

the Power of Love came into me

and I became fierce like a lion

then tender like the evening star